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Terms of Use Vicki Robinson Designs

Terms of Use Vicki Robinson Designs


Date Released: 04-10-2021

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Terms of Use Vicki Robinson Designs

Last Revision: March 2021
Website vicki-robinson.com  | Email: vicki@vicki-robinson.com
This document describes the terms under which you may use my digital products. A link to a printable version of ths TOU is included with the downloads of all purchases.
My product is licensed to you for use as indicated on the preview of the product you have purchased. Licenses available are Personal Use, Commercial Use and Artistic/Professional/Photographer Use. In some cases, products have multiple licensing options, each with a separate licensing fee. You are permitted to use the product in accordance with whichever licensing fee you paid for. Keep the sales receipt for your purchase with your product to avoid confusion over the licensing terms. The terms of each license are set forth below. 
Contact me at vicki@vicki-robinson.com to enquire about the use of my products not specifically addressed in this Terms of Use document.
All copyrights to my products and the graphics within my products are retained by me, Vicki Robinson, per Title 17 of the United States Code and International intellectual property law.
Products are digital and no physical product will be delivered. 
Great care has been taken to ensure the digital files are in good working order. Should you discover that any of the zipped files you have downloaded have somehow been corrupted and you contact me within the first 30 days after purchase, (vicki@vicki-robinson.com) I will provide replacement files. 
Because the products are digital, I am unable to offer a refund for duplicate purchases, so please check your inventory carefully prior to purchase.

PROHIBITED USES – for all licensing options

  • You may NOT transfer any copyrights of my products to anyone for any reason.
  • You may NOT transfer my product and/or license to anyone for any reason.
  • You may NOT share, reproduce, loan, sub-license, rent, resell, redistribute or make available in any form, in ANY way to ANY other person or group other than as authorized by the specific license you have purchased.
  • You may NOT use my product for pornographic, racial or other offensive purposes.
  • Use of my products by any paper industry or professional scrap site or companies such as Shutterfly, Creative Memories, Heritage Makers, etc., or any other business, partnership, LLC or corporation is specifically prohibited


  • You may use this product for your own Personal use.
  • You may use this product to create projects or layouts on behalf of a client (ie. Scrap for Hire or Scrap for Others). Note: Each S4H or S4O client must purchase every product used.
  • You may not use one product for multiple S4H/S4O projects.
  • You may not use this product for any commercial or for profit use. 
  • You may not claim as your own, even if altered, resized, recolored or as part of a layout, page or cluster.
  • These terms are the same for freebies as well as purchased products.
  • This product cannot be sublicensed, resold, shared, transferred, or otherwise redistributed on its own (even for free).
  • This product cannot be used in any project or product offered for sale.
  • Page Templates can only be used for your own personal use or a single S4O/S4H client with credit given to the designer.


This license, which may require a separate licensing fee, is limited to Digital Scrapbook Designers and Crafters and Personal Use.
  • This product may be used to create projects and layouts that are for your own Personal Use.
  • You may use this product to create PU/S4H/S4O products to be given away for free as long as some modification (more than just color) is made to the original product.
  • This license does NOT cover mass production of a finished product.
  • This license does NOT permit the use of this product in works of art (art prints), photography projects, for sale in any form including but not limited to sites such as Esty, Society6, etc.
  • This license is NOT transferable.
  • Credit is appreciated, but not required.


  • You may incorporate this product into your digital scrapbooking kits for sale as long this product does not comprise more than 30% of your kit. 
  • You may NOT resell this product in other element packs, PNG or ABR files. 
  • Alphas, Brushes and single elements may be incorporated into word art and stamps, clusters and other elements provided your product includes other art and is sold in a flattened (png/jpg) form. 
  • You may NOT resell or share my product as a resource for use by others in any form.


  • You may create custom greeting cards, candy wrappers, layouts, invitations, scrapbooks pages or your paying customers provided they are finished pieces or flattened artwork that has been derived from the original graphics.
  • You may NOT resell or distribute this product “as in” in any form.


This license, available for a separate licensing fee, is for artists or photographers who wish to use these graphics in their own artistic projects which they may sell, or for use in their own promotional purposes. There are no restrictions on how the graphics in this product may be used, as long as the product is embedded into the project and the project is sold in a flattened (uneditable) form. You may NOT resell or share my product as a resource for use by others in any form. This license is NOT Transferable.
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