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Privacy Statement

We respect your privacy!

Any and all the information collected on this site will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold, reused, rented, disclosed, or loaned except in the following situations:

1.  The investigation of suspected piracy, copyright infringement, fraud and/or other illegal activity.  In this case, personal information maybe disclosed to law enforcement, investigative bodies, and/or interested parties.

2.  If you purchase a product with a registration/license code, certain personal information will be shared with the manufacturer of said product(s).  Currently, the only products to which this applies are the ACDSee family of products.

If you purchase any ACDSee product from Oscraps.com, Oscraps will provide the following information to ACDSee:

    * Your Name
    * Your Email Address
    * Invoice Number
    * Date of Purchase
    * Unique Registration/License Code provided to you from Oscraps.

3.  All Oscraps designers and fullfillment staff may have access to your personal  information.  All Oscraps designers and staff have agreed to maintain the Oscraps Privacy Policy and will respect your privacy as well.

When you place an order at Oscraps.com, an email is automatically sent to any/all designer(s) you have purchased from in that particular order.  The email contains the following information:

    * Your name
    * Your email address
    * Invoice Number
    * Items purchased (note:  If you purchase products from more than one designer in any one order, only the products by that specific designer are included in that designer's notification mail.  In other words, designers do not see your entire purchase.  Designers only see the products that you purchased from them.)
    * Payment type
          o Coupon Codes used, if any.
          o Gift Certificate used, if any.
          o  PayPal payment, if any.  ( note:  Designers can NOT see your personal PayPal information, only if an invoice was paid via PayPal.)

Oscraps staff and designers may use your personal information in promotional/marketing activities, including, but not limited to the following:

    *  Thank you emails
    *  Special Offers
    *  Free Gifts

4.  Should Oscraps.com be sold to another party in the future, all customer information will be transferred to the new owner(s).

5.  In the event of contests, contest sponsors may be provided with certain contestant information which will be disclosed in the contest rules and regulations at the time of the contest.

6.  Off-Site Links:  

7.  While Oscraps.com takes every precaution within our means to secure your information, there is still the chance that data you provide may be compromised.  In the event the Oscraps.com database is compromised, Oscraps.com will immediately notify affected parties via email.  Oscraps will inform the affected parties as to the extent and nature of the compromised information.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via the Contact Us form located HERE.

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