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Take Time to Relax Kit
Take Time to Relax Digital Scrapbook Kit Paper Preview 01 by Karen Schulz Designs Take Time to Relax Digital Scrapbook Kit Preview Detail 01 by Karen Schulz Designs Take Time to Relax Digital Scrapbook Kit Preview Detail 02 by Karen Schulz Designs Take Time to Relax Digital Scrapbook Kit Preview Detail 03 by Karen Schulz Designs Take Time to Relax Digital Scrapbook Kit Preview Detail 04 by Karen Schulz Designs Take Time to Relax Digital Scrapbook Kit Paper Preview 02 by Karen Schulz Designs Take-Time-To-Relax-by-Karen-Schulz-Designs-Digital-Art-Layout-1 Take-Time-To-Relax-by-Karen-Schulz-Designs-Digital-Art-Layout-2 Take-Time-To-Relax-by-Karen-Schulz-Designs-Digital-Art-Layout-3 Take-Time-To-Relax-by-Karen-Schulz-Designs-Digital-Art-Layout-4 Take-Time-To-Relax-by-Karen-Schulz-Designs-Digital-Art-Layout-5 Take-Time-To-Relax-by-Karen-Schulz-Designs-Digital-Art-Layout-6 Take-Time-To-Relax-by-Karen-Schulz-Designs-Digital-Art-Layout-7 Take-Time-To-Relax-by-Karen-Schulz-Designs-Digital-Art-Layout-8 Take-Time-To-Relax-by-Karen-Schulz-Designs-Digital-Art-Layout-9 Take-Time-To-Relax-by-Karen-Schulz-Designs-Digital-Art-Layout-10 Take-Time-To-Relax-by-Karen-Schulz-Designs-Digital-Art-Layout-11 Take-Time-To-Relax-by-Karen-Schulz-Designs-Digital-Art-Layout-12 Take-Time-To-Relax-by-Karen-Schulz-Designs-Digital-Art-Layout-13 Take-Time-To-Relax-by-Karen-Schulz-Designs-Digital-Art-Layout-14 Take-Time-To-Relax-by-Karen-Schulz-Designs-Digital-Art-Layout-15 Take-Time-To-Relax-by-Karen-Schulz-Designs-Digital-Art-Layout-16 Take-Time-To-Relax-by-Karen-Schulz-Designs-Digital-Art-Layout-17 Take-Time-To-Relax-by-Karen-Schulz-Designs-Digital-Art-Layout-18 Take-Time-To-Relax-by-Karen-Schulz-Designs-Digital-Art-Layout-34 Take-Time-To-Relax-by-Karen-Schulz-Designs-Digital-Art-Layout-19 Take-Time-To-Relax-by-Karen-Schulz-Designs-Digital-Art-Layout-20 Take-Time-To-Relax-by-Karen-Schulz-Designs-Digital-Art-Layout-21 Take-Time-To-Relax-by-Karen-Schulz-Designs-Digital-Art-Layout-22 Take-Time-To-Relax-by-Karen-Schulz-Designs-Digital-Art-Layout-23 Take-Time-To-Relax-by-Karen-Schulz-Designs-Digital-Art-Layout-24 Take-Time-To-Relax-by-Karen-Schulz-Designs-Digital-Art-Layout-25 Take-Time-To-Relax-by-Karen-Schulz-Designs-Digital-Art-Layout-26 Take-Time-To-Relax-by-Karen-Schulz-Designs-Digital-Art-Layout-27 Take-Time-To-Relax-by-Karen-Schulz-Designs-Digital-Art-Layout-28 Take-Time-To-Relax-by-Karen-Schulz-Designs-Digital-Art-Layout-29 Take-Time-To-Relax-by-Karen-Schulz-Designs-Digital-Art-Layout-30 Take-Time-To-Relax-by-Karen-Schulz-Designs-Digital-Art-Layout-31 Take-Time-To-Relax-by-Karen-Schulz-Designs-Digital-Art-Layout-32

Take Time to Relax Kit

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Date Released: 08-23-2022

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Take Time to Relax Digital Scrapbooking Kit by Karen Schulz Designs

Take Time to Relax Kit is a Digital Scrapbook Kit  by Karen Schulz Designs. It includes a variety of papers and elements to create traditional or whimsical-themed scrapbook pages, digital art, and printable art projects.  

When was the last time you did absolutely nothing? I'm not suggesting you turn into a lazy person. Just take a few minutes every day to relax.  It's not selfish, but rather necessary to recharge your batteries and make sure you bring your best self to everything you do.

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This Digital Art Product Includes:

  • 25 Papers 
  • 109 Elements
  • Detailed Elements List:  1 book, 3 bows, 2 butterfly trails, 3 butterflies, 3 buttons, 1 set of candles, 1 clock, 1 cloud, 1 coffee cup, 1 doily, 1 dragonfly, 7 flowers, 17 pieces of foliage, 2 frames, 1 frame with mask, 2 glasses (2 sizes each for a total of 4 glasses), 6 graffiti pieces, 3 heart gems, 1 journal piece, 1 star flair, 2 messy threads, 1 moon, 1 notepad, 2 ribbons, 1 rope, 1 safety pin, 4 sloths (with variations for a total of 9 sloths) 3 sparkles, 4 stamps, 3 star gems, 1 set of stars, 1 star scatter, 2 sets of stitches, 2 strings, 2 sunglasses, 3 trim pieces, 2 pieces of twine, 6 word art graphics

This product was designed for digital scrapbook pages and photo books but all products are created at print quality for use in printable art projects.Other Uses For This Product:Digital Scrapbook pages, printable art projects, greeting cards, table tents, name tags, home decor, journals

  • Colors: pink, green, yellow, brown
  • Season: Suitable for all seasons
  • Theme: relaxation

Sample layouts may include elements or use templates that are not included in this product. 

Visit the Karen Schulz Designs Gallery  to see digital scrapbook pages and other creative works of art made with my designs.

Information about this product:

This is a  digital art product. All files are created at 300 dpi for quality printing results.  Elements, if included are provided in PNG format.  Papers (if included) are provided in JPG format with at least one copy sized to 12X12 for use in creating digital scrapbooks.  

This product is licensed for: Personal Use {PU} and Scrap 4 Hire, Scrap 4 Others {S4H, S4O}

© Karen Schulz Designs - All Rights Reserved

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