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What If You Fly Elements

What If You Fly Elements

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Date Released: 09-28-2016

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What if I fall?
Oh, but my darling,
what if you fly?
'What If You Fly’ is an art journaling collection by On A Whimsical Adventure, inspired by Erin Hanson's famous quote. This collection is all about conquering fears. A new job, a new love, following a dream… So many of us are afraid to go for it. Because we don’t know what to expect, because we are afraid of what could happen, because we are afraid to fall… This fear is keeping us caged, like birds who are afraid to fly. But everything we want is on the other side of fear. And amazing things will happen if we do step out of our comfort zones and take that leap of faith. Whatever the outcome may be, remind yourself that you were at least brave enough to take the risk to fly.
Included in this pack are 78 elements, designed to coordinate with the 'What If You Fly' collection: 1 arrows scribble, 1 vintage fairy, 1 vintage cage with birds, 1 pair of vintage birds on a branch, 2 stamps of flying birds, 1 handdrawn scalloped border, 1 vintage ornamental border, 2 brads, 1 branch, 1 rusty chip with butterfly cutout, 2 sequin butterflies, 1 handdrawn butterfly, 1 wooden floral button, 2 fabric floral buttons, 1 charm with quote and glass cabochon (and all the parts separately as well), 1 cluster of handdrawn circles and stars, 1 clouds overlay, 3 crayon scribbles, 2 vintage dictionary blends, 1 vintage 'F' monogram, 1 vintage feathers stamp, 2 vintage flowers, 1 paper flower, 2 acrylic flowers, 1 messy paper flower, 1 orange flower, 1 'Fly' ornamental letters, 1 handdrawn frame stamp, 1 handdrawn paper frame + mask, 1 vintage golden paper frame + mask, 2 gel+paint splats, 1 gesso splat, 2 glittery circles with splatters, 2 lace stamps, 4 leaves, 2 clusters of painted circles, 1 velvet ribbon, 5 scribbles, 1 cluster of handdrawn stars, 1 cluster of stitched circles, 1 cluster of painted and stitched circles, 1 messy stitch, 1 paper string, 1 vintage style trinket, 3 vintage stamps, 1 vintage ephemera transfer, 2 tags, 1 pair of wings stamp, 2 pair of wings, 2 vintage women.

Layouts featured by the creative team may show other items not included in this pack. Drop shadows in the preview are for display purposes only. My designs are for personal use, unless otherwise specified.

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