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The Sea Dogs Journal Cards 1
The Sea Dogs Journal Cards 1 by Aftermidnight Design

The Sea Dogs Journal Cards 1

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Date Released: 06-10-2019

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The Sea Dogs were a group of sea-raiders, (privateers, "Elizabethan Pirates"), who were authorised by Queen Elizabeth I of England, and also engaged in slave trading. They were essentially a military branch that were authorised by the Queen to attack the Spanish fleet and loot their ships in order to bring back riches and treasures. They carried "Letters of Marque" which made their plundering of Spanish ships legal under English Law despite not being at war. The Sea Dogs were started in 1560 as a way to bridge the gap between the Spanish Navy and the English Navy. Some of the most prominent Sea dogs were Sir Francis Drake, El Draque (The Dragon), Sir John Hawkins  and Sir Walter Raleigh .

In this bundle you get:

  • 6 Journal Cards, 4x6 inch, 300 dpi, PNG

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