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PLANNER: 2021 Bullet Templates

PLANNER: 2021 Bullet Templates

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Date Released: 09-29-2020

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Planners are popular, but I have had the hardest time making one work for me. Until now that is! I stumbled across Bullet Journaling after hearing about it on a podcast. I had no clue what it was so I did a little research. The flexibility of the plan made a lot of sense to me. I can track all kinds of things in one journal, and the concept behind it just makes sense to me! The basic idea is to create a monthly log, daily log and future log. Then create an index page that allows you to easily find your logs within your journal.

These three logs lay the foundation of the planner system, but the beauty is it's completely flexible and customizable! So you can track almost anything! In my journal, I'm currently tracking books read, tv shows watched, story ideas, goals, movies, podcasts, and birthdays and holidays. I have plans to add a habit tracker as well. I can doodle in there, add coloring pages, and even enjoy some of the fun planner supplies if I want. I used Washi Tape to make color coded tabs for my different logs, so they are easier to locate. I've printed a calendar and pasted it in the front of the book too. This is the first planner that has resonated with me and I'm actually using it!

Once I decided this was going to work for me, I set out to make my own templates. I'm making these printable templates available to you. Here's what you get:

INCLUDES: (Both Half-Letter and A5)

-Index Page -Future Log
-Daily Logs (2 versions)
-Monthly Log
-2020 Calendar Pages (mo-su, su-sa, two versions of each)
-Birthday Log -Goals
-Habit Log
-Gratitude Log
-Meal Plan
-Memories Log
-Shopping List
-TV Log
-Book log
-Grids and Lines (multiple options in most logs)
-PeaSqueaker and PeaBev fonts

Layered PSD format Personal Use Only

Special thanks to Fonts for Peas for use of their fonts.


NOTE: If you find an error with these calendars, please contact me asap. If you're the first to report a mistake, I'll send you a $10 coupon to my Oscraps store!
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