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Moon Child by Fiddlette Designs

Moon Child by Fiddlette Designs

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Date Released: 10-19-2022

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Moon Child by Fiddlette Designs

“Her mind is always wandering, she’s definitely a Moon Child!”


A Moon Child is a unique & curious soul who is often in a daze, her mind is always above in the clouds. Her life is enriched with fantasy and she usually does not enjoy being made to come down to earth and function in reality. She is inexplicably drawn to the moon in a way that others cannot understand and even she herself cannot explain. She accepts that she belongs to the moon, and the moon belongs to her.


In this kit you will receive 3 beautiful and unique art dolls hand drawn and gifted with the ability to dream (heehee). Each moon child has her own dreams and fantasies, and you are welcome to build each one their own beautiful paracosm using your own gifted imagination! You will also receive 10 beautifully and artistically designed backgrounds and 86 elements (including your moonchildren) to play with and enjoy, creating works of art that bring you many hours of pure happiness and joy.


·         3 moon children art dolls

·         Doodles

·         Swirls

·         Hand lettered word arts

·         Stamps & messy paint

·         Moons and stars

·         Rainbows

·         Flower garden

·         Butterfly

·         Frames

·         Hand drawn art

·         Feathers

·         Mandalas (7)

·         Arrow

·         Corner

·         Border

·         Labeled message

·         Decorative circles

·         Original drawings




Information about this product:

* All products are created at 300 ppi for quality printing results

* All products are licensed for Personal Use (PU) and S4H, S4O

* Elements are provided in png format at various sizes

* Papers (Backgrounds) are provided in JPG format, 12"x12"

(c) Fiddlette Designs-All Rights Reserved



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