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In the Pumpkin Field

In the Pumpkin Field

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Date Released: 10-04-2016

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The winds have turned crisp and the pumpkins are straining at their vines to get bigger and bigger every night. This then, is the perfect time to find pixies (Cucurbita pharie-parvus) in your pumpkin field. I did, and met Fiona Fernfeather, an uncharacteristically friendly pixie. (This time of year many of these pixies will put warts on your nose or turn your lips green if they see you peeking at them.) We had a short conversation. Me: “Hi. I’m Lorie.”

Her: “Hello, I’m Fiona Fernfeather. Are you here so I can put a big wart on your face?”

Me: “No. I’m leaving but can I use your image in one of my kits?”

Her: “Yes, but only a little one. And spell my name right.” (She spelled it.)

Me: “Good night Fiona.”

Her: “Sweet dreams Lorie.”

So here is "In the Pumpkin Field," a kit as tiny as Fiona Fernfeather:

1 background piece

1 Fiona Fernfeather (with/without sitting shadow)

3 backgrounds 1 pumpkin (with/without grass tuft)

1 grass tuft (with/without pumpkin shadow)

Plucked from my pumpkin patch for your particularly artistic pleasure.

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