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Where To Now Dreamer? (With everything in it)

Where To Now Dreamer? (With everything in it)

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Date Released: 10-22-2012

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Where to now dreamer? Oh you brave travelers. The notion pops into your noggins that you want to smell the salt spray of the Sargasso Sea or taste the amaretti cookies in distant Tuscaronno – and you go. The scars and scrapes on your luggage recount tales of your adventures. This kit is dedicated to you. Here are the illustrations that I will use for my travel journal when the flying pigs arrive to announce the time has come to set out on my adventures. The mousies are my muses. The foxes are in love. The stuffed bunny is for cuddling under strange night skies. There are more travel companions, frames, filigrees, a frog, ships, sheep, seascapes, inns, travel clothes, and virtual vistas than you can shake a postcard at or stuff in a steamer trunk. Where to now dreamer? Take a peek: 6 Going somewhere papers (plus 5 variations) 8 Sea papers (plus 2 variations) 10 Wooden papers (plus 2 variations) 6 Journal papers (3 variations) 8 Atmosphere papers (5 variations) 30 wordarts (plus many variations) 6 frames (plus 3 variations) 1 Keep A Secret torn paper alpha 2 ameretti cookies 1 bicycle 1 pair binoculars 1 box of stars (plus two variations) 1 bright lo overlay for PS users 2 chairs (2 colors and 2 positions) 1 circus tent (plus 3 variations, plus the interior of the door) 15 clock parts 1 crow with Fix it mouse riding 1 compass 1 boater doodle (several variations) 3 floating books 1 falling books in a line 1 falling books with map 1 pair of traveling foxes in love 1 Michael traveling fox (2 positions) 1 Susan traveling fox (2 positions) 1 Fix-it mouse 1 Fix-it mouse overalls 1 Fix-it-up-ship (2 lengths) 3 floating postcards (several clusters) 1 flying postal pig (with/without package) 1 frame piece doodle 3 globes 1 Going Somewhere Street page 1 half shell 3 labels 1 yellow ladder 1 light purple overlay (for PS users) 1 Lookout owl (3 variations) 1 lookout telescope 1 painted frame journal piece 1 journal frame doodle 3 painted dot lines 1 frog (who loves flies) 1 lovers suitcase 4 luggage pieces 1 luggage dolly 1 luggage stamp 1 luggage transporter 1 map 1 map cloud doodle overlay 1 map overlay 1 metal globe 1 Navigator helper apron 1 Navigator mouse 1 next door cottage 1 nursery couch 1 nursery cradle 1 open boat 1 overlay frame (2 color and style variations) 1 paddle 1 paper zodiac world 2 pillow stars 1 pink sunset cloud (great as an overlay) 1 standing postal pig 2 wrapped packages of postcards 7 postcard overlays 3 postcard stars 1 potent dreams bottle 1 promenade (with/without waves) 1 promenade lamppost 2 rich colored lo overlays 1 sailor dress 1 scattered stars 1 shelling ship 1 ship flagpole (with/without ship flags) 1 line of ship flags 1 ship ladder 1 star messenger crow (flying, standing, with/without hat) 2 star grazing sheep 1 star grazing cloud 1 star sprinkle 2 star post airplane 4 star sprinkle doodles 1 strung rope line 2 terrariums 2 pieces of a terrarium 1 ticket house (several variations including open window with background to put images into easily) 2 ticket house nursery rooms 1 ticket house sign 4 ticket labels 2 tiny toy planes 1 toy steamer ship 2 travel pillows 1 travelvane 1 velveteen bunny (2 positions) 1 Sailor girl mouse (several variations) 1 wooden moon Perfectly packed, postcarded, painted, and plucked for your artistic pleasure.

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