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Watch Out For That Moon (With Everything in it!)

Watch Out For That Moon (With Everything in it!)

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Date Released: 07-02-2012

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Sometimes we want to get as far away from home as possible. We want wide open spaces, beautiful sunsets, lots of moons rising at dusk, floating cities, robots, and land cruisers that look like giant crawdads to take us everywhere. Is that wanting too much?

Don’t get me wrong, earth is great but, seriously, don’t you just want to pack up the family and blast off to exotic adventures in unexplored parts of our galaxy sometimes? If you do here’s a beginner’s guide to stylish intergalactic travel. Everything you should need is here to explore the best bits of the outer cosmos: space helmets, ray gun, sassy flying devices in this year’s most popular colors, space furniture, peppy all-terrain vehicles, and (of course) quirky local alien life forms. Planetary vistas included. If this sounds more like your idea of a getaway take a peek here at exactly what you will discover in Watch Out For That Moon:

26 papers (9 variations)
7 frames (with variations and instruction sheet)
5 lo overlays (for enhancing and changing colors)
30 + wordarts (many variations)
34 air machine pieces (plus many variations)
1 Striped Pipe Alpha with accesories
1 arrow
3 billowing space smoke bursts(plus 2 color variations)
1 Bink robot
1 Bink on Crunk's lap
5 pieces of blank torn papers (for wordart and journaling)
1 clock
1 Crawdad
1 Crawdad Cruiser (3 variations)
1 Crunk robot (4 variations)
1 Daughter Of the Universe Turtle (2 variations)
1 doodle accent
1 Flying Snailopus
4 friendly bot heads (with eye focus variations)
1 moon surface
1 moon surface secret lab hatch
2 ladders
2 light movement swishes
1 lizard
10 metal frame details (with variations)
2 metal fasteners
1 metal sign
1 metal Atom word
1 moon pad platform (with and without dome)
1 moon pad dome
1 Moon Seat
1 glass sign (2 variations)
1 Rainbow frog
4 blank ray gun blank zaps for wordart
2 signs
4 bulbs (plus 2 variations)
1 space dust particle viewer
1 remote
1 ray gun gas mix cloud
1 Road Trip fish (2 variations)
1 floating robot piece
1 Road Trip fish without wheels
4 Space Faring fish (with many variations)
1 space gas bubbles (3 color variations)
1 space helmet (3 variations)
1 spaceship interior (2 variations)
1 space specs
1 metal star line (2 color variations)
1 striped wood stick
1 studded star
2 swirl doodle
2 telescopes
1 That Moon! (3 variations)
1 The flying Fish vehicle
1 Sailors Atom dirigible
1 Souped Up Running Fly Bird
2 wild bubbles
1 wild swish overlay (7 variations)

Completely researched, tested, fueled, and plucked exclusively for your cosmic artistic pleasure.
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