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Under Dappled Shadows (with everything in it)

Under Dappled Shadows (with everything in it)

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Date Released: 10-03-2011

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Here is a collection of images that have been dancing out of my Wacom pen this summer. Blues and lavenders. Old silver and delphiniums. Lovebirds and secret gardens. Abandoned fountains and a castle in the mists. Some of these are from dreams, some from my garden, some from my great grandmother. It’s an eclectic collection appropriate, I think, for illustrating daydreams, grand notions, memories, and love letters that may or may not ever be sent. The Delphinium Sisters are my Mom, who was an artist, and who this kit is all about.

Here is what you will find in Under Dappled Shadows: 8 bookish papers (plus 2 variations)

8 perspective papers (plus 2 variations)

4 scene papers (Plus 1 variation)

8 texture papers (plus 3 variations)

26 frames

16 word arts

17 delphiniums

1 currant sprig (3 variations)

3 hydrangeas 1 lavender bunch

2 little bouquet

4 wind flowers

6 bead chains

2 blue velvet bows

2 butterfly swift trail of dots

12 dangling crystals

2 dangling orbs

1 filligree

1 garland accent

1 gossamer web

1 ink doodle

1 lace sequins

4 lace pieces

1 little boutonniere to fill

3 teacup design pieces

1 line of sequins

2 unraveling lace

2 wooden filligree

1 wrapped bead border

1 naked branch

2 green branches (one with birds)

2 delphinium sisters

2 hand painted flowers

6 ink script butterflies (one in psd format, with hardlight filter on)

1 jewel flower

1 loose bouquet

1 magic streak

1 overlay

2 lovebirds (plus 3 variations)

1 spattered green

3 ink bottles (with and without ink)

2 ink quills

1 metal label (2 colors)

6 tags for word art

1 watch dangle frame (2 variations)

1 bird cage

1 collectors' case

1 column cast detail

1 lavender cow

1 napkin ring

2 salt cellars

1 spoon

2 vases

1 chaise lounge

1 wooden filligree

1 writing cabinet

3 overlay PS filters

6 pictures of my garden flowers and teacup (included for use with PS layer filters)

1 saucer

4 teacups with flowers

Most of these stolen from daydreams, borrowed from Great Grandma, and abruptly plucked from passing butterflies for your artistic pleasure.

Includes pieces with and without shadows. Does not include Winged Alpha.

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