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Treasures I Found in My Brain WWITW (w/everything in it)

Treasures I Found in My Brain WWITW (w/everything in it)

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Date Released: 11-03-2014

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The actual kit title is Treasures I Found in my Brain While Wandering in the Woods but X-Cart would not let me fit that all in. It is the longest kit title ever but it's true: this is a collection of things I found in my brain while wandering in the woods. The frames, papers, charms, whimsies and assorted creatures, designed to illustrate your adventures and spark your next art project, were inspired by a muse who is always at her loudest while we are wandering in the quietest parts of nature. I'm not sure why it works that way. Muses, as you know, can be weird. If, in fact, your muse is whispering to you right now to investigate these treasures more closely, (ignore her at your peril) here is what the two of you will find inside this collection:

6 quick pages
10 clusters
80 + inked words and phrases
34 papers (plus 10 variations)
12 frames
1 top side of globe
1 bamboo watercolor
3 bead circles
1 bells on leather chord
1 blossom branch
1 watercolor bumblebee
8 butterflies
1 carved cricket
3 carved labels
4 charms
1 charm chain
1 circle design
2 clock hands
4 compass details
1 compass hand
1 embroidered dragon
3 embroidered flowers and bird pieces
1 embroidered wave
3 illustrations of birds in and on trees
2 fish schools
1 water ripple reflection
4 flowers
1 flower illustration
2 flying bird watercolors
9 Persian inked designs
1 watercolored grass
1 watercolored apples
1 hanging wire
6 stages of flower models
2 jeweled details
1 key
1 keyhole
1 label with sewing pins
22 metal details
1 moon globe
2 moths
1 mother-of-pearl button
1 mother-of-pearl butterflies
2 whales, baby and mother
1 flying bunch of moths
1 natural headdress cluster
1 note slip
1 mother-of-pearl inlay pond design
25 overlays
2 painted tape pieces
7 paint overlays
1 sunset sun in clouds
1 full moon in clouds
2 panda drawings
1 wood scene watercolor
1 group of deer watercolor
1 vision of Mother Earth
1 bright tape
5 paper pieces
1 pocket globe
3 cloud designs
1 rainbow sea border
6 seed pods
1 sewing connection (5 variations)
1 shell fossil
2 watercolor snails
1 birdsong in the branches tree watercolor
1 embroidered stars cluster
1 strewn flowers detail (2 variations)
3 sun overlays
1 swirl
1 line up of tiles
1 birds flying together watercolor
1 tree in the meadow watercolor (2 variations)
2 watercolor designs influenced by Persian manuscripts
2 watercolor smudges
2 watercolor swirls
1 water going by swish
4 tiny globes of Earth at different angles
1 winged beetle
2 winged spiral designs
5 word boxes
2 word labels

Koily butterflied, bumblebeed, bamboodled, and panda’d to for your artistic pleasure.

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