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Through the Snow We Go

Through the Snow We Go

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Date Released: 12-13-2014

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The snow softly thumped on the roof above Heidy Lowenbridge’s bedroom. Falling in fluffy piles from the trees above the cottage it thoroughly woke her up. She peeked out from her covers to see moonlight shining through a thick smile of snow piled on her window sill. The log in the wood stove crackled and sputtered the tiniest little bit and behind that cozy sound Heidy could hear, out in the stable, Swift the reindeer softly grunting. That was his reindeer song that meant he couldn’t sleep either because in the morning he knew they would be racing through the snow.

In Through the Snow We Go you will meet Heidy Lowenbridge and her friend Tamin Marshbark, and her reindeer Swift, and her kittens, and, of course, the birds. Heidy, by the way, is off to deliver Christmas letters to Grandma Minerva’s country estate where the post office is. (You won’t meet Grandma Minerva here but you can see her house from a distance.) There’s also cool frames for warm cozy winter pictures and a Christmas tree big enough to hold bunches of ornaments but small enough to squish into Swift’s mail pouch.

This is a wintry kit that I tried to give an old-fashioned feel to because, for some reason, winter and old-fashioned sort of go together. If you think so too and aren’t afraid of the cold take a peek into all you’ll find in Through the Snow We Go:

10 snow scene papers
6 background papers
1 tag
1 birdhouse
1 bluejay
1 deer ornament
1 Heidy Lowanbridge
2 kittens
1 label
5 red orioles
1 sleigh
1 Swift Reindeer (3 variations)
1 Tamin Marshbark
1 snow tree doodle
1 wood label
9 word art
3 frames
1 hanging globe
1 grandma's house interior
1 grandfather clock
1 gate
1 couch
2 teddy bears
3 blank letters
1 flying letters
1 sleigh mail bag
1 memory box
1 table
1 trunk
1 tree (3 variations)
1 background overlay
2 frosted branches
1 flurry overlay
6 frozen Chinese aspen branches
3 frozen choke cherry branches
1 snow skiff (couple variations)
1 tree by the fence
1 wind whirls wisp
3 winter dried flowers

Painted with a very cold brush and packed into a reindeer’s mail pouch for your artistic pleasure

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