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The Artists' Faeries (With everything in it!)

The Artists' Faeries (With everything in it!)

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Date Released: 04-14-2011

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Artists’ faeries are common faery folk found skittering around most artists studios. You will rarely see them but you can attract their attention by staring at a blank canvas or computer monitor and looking forlorn for a long time. That drives them to distraction. You will know they have been stirred up when inspiration strikes and your brushes once again are a blur over your canvas. These faeries are also attracted to studios strewn about with empty chocolate wrappers.

This kit, The Artists’ Faeries, is dedicated to these little creatures and the artists who appreciate them. Here you will find a few of the faeries themselves (Crimson, Oberon Jr., Amarie), along with some of their usual friends (songbirds, flying snails, painters moths) and enemies (a kitten) (Sienna). There are potions and blossoms for inspiration. Landscapes and canvases to begin your great works. Palettes, easels, comfy furniture, eccentric lamps, incomparably rare and unique frames, and more, are here to appropriately endow the studio of even the most discerning artist. Here then is a fairly complete list of all that you will find in The Artists’ Faeries:

7 lovely papers
12 landscape papers (plus several variations)
8 canvas papers
22 frames
4 variations of Amarie Faerie
2 artist berets
1 title tag
1 bird
1 birds swooping overlay
1 bluebird settee (flowered variation)
4 bottles of magic paint
1 bottle of natural magic (2 variations)
2 butterflys
1 candle lantern frame
1 castle tower
1 clock cubby (several variations)
1 clock frame
3 variations of Crimson faerie
1 desk (two perspective variations)
1 desk chair
1 dust case
5 faerie paint swirls
2 fishing boats
14 flowers
1 curio shelf (single piece and piece broke into back and front for easy use)
2 hardware pieces
1 see-through hourglasses
1 idea for room
1 keepsake cabinet
1 kitten yarn
2 pairs of lace wings (extra recolored)
1 lamp (unlit and lit)
2 magic water paints
1 mist grass
1 moth
1 moth antenae for faerie head
6 mushrooms
2 mushroom elixir paints
1 mushroom paintbrush
1 mushroom seats
3 versions of Oberon Jr.
1 pair Oberon wings
1 old painting label
1 open book
1 paint blob overlay
8 painted flower overlays
1 painted oil flower
6 painters' home (2 more variations)
2 painting seals
1 painting spring water
1 paint journal cloth
1 paint overlay
2 overlay
1 paper roll
1 pedestal
1 portrait books
2 pots
1 painter moth
1 Sienna kitten
1 snail
1 still life table
1 upright easel
1 vase
1 velvet chair (2 variations)
1 water brush
5 water brush paint pieces for overlays
1 water ripple overlay
2 water spray overlay
1 water paper
1 water mist
2 white moths
1 curtain
4 easels
1 ink bottle
1 map and canvas bunch
2 paint boxes
4 paint brushes
1 painting chair
1 painting table
1 paint sponge
1 paint stool
1 porcelain box
1 umbrella
1 water color paints

Many elements include extra shadowed versions.

All the above certified to be a completely exclusive compendium of absolutely necessary artistic treasures fussed over, mussed about, and plucked expressly for your artistic pleasure.

Thank you,

Lorie Davison

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