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Tender Wings and Paisley Things (with everything!) by Lorie Davison

Tender Wings and Paisley Things (with everything!) by Lorie Davison

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Date Released: 02-17-2016

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Tender Wings and Paisley Things by Lorie Davison

Tender Wings and Paisley Things is a happy cornucopia of pastel, psychedelic birds and blossoms, bits of crazily hand-made paper frames, stitches and doo-dads, wispy clouds, eye-popping poppies and, of course, princess-pleasing paisley patterns. As a historical note, North American quilters originally called the paisley pattern “persian pickle,” a name I am very fond of and almost applied to the resident fairy of this kit. She strongly objected so her name is Paisley. Everything in here is Paisley inspired.

Most of this paper-pleasury I happily hand-drew, painted, scissors-snipped, and photographed (I love the real shadows cast by cut outs.) If you have been searching for trippy treasures to illustrate your hard-to-describe visions, frame your children with, or illuminate your journal pages, Tender Wings and Paisley Things needs your considered attention. Here’s what you will find inside:

  • 1 alpha (I made each letter with its own unique design.)
  • 9 frames (variations and additional pieces)
  • 45 pieces of wordart (many variations)
  • 9 quickpages
  • 22 papers (many color/design variations)
  • 1 bright diamond doodle
  • 1 painted butterfly (2 color variations)
  • 1 painted cherry blossom branch
  • 1 pair of Paisley's wings (2 variations)
  • 1 dot doodle
  • 3 dot designs
  • 1 psd flower cluster
  • 2 flower doodles
  • 1 flower boarder
  • 1 openface crazy flower face (2 variations)
  • 7 hand drawn illustrations
  • 1 tag
  • 1 banner (with/without wordart)
  • 1 blank label (with/without center)
  • 2 blue blossom birds
  • 3 variations of Paisley (the fairy herself)
  • 1 border 1 Carl Jung quote
  • 1 cloud (2 variations with/without white rain)
  • 1 red design detail (2 variations)
  • 1 huge, wild open doodle flower
  • 1 wild flower petal
  • 1 wold flower design (in parts for you to put together as needed)
  • 1 open book frame
  • 1 ornate label (2 variations)
  • 1 overlay 1 paisley bird
  • 9 paisley doodles (parted out to mix and match)
  • 4 paisley flowers 1 torn paper banner
  • 3 paper butterflies
  • 1 paper cloud mobile
  • 10 paper paisley drops
  • 5 paper paisley flowers
  • 1 pompom flower
  • 1 round flower (parted out to mix and match)
  • 1 scattered flower doodle (2 variations)
  • 1 watercolored apple blossom
  • 1 word banner (2 variations)
  • 1 written apple blossom

Plucked, paisled, and scissors-snipped for your artistic pleasure.

About this product

Designed with digital scrapbookers and storytellers in mind.  Create your own invitations or name tags for a garden party, afternoon tea, no-reason celebration, etc.  Perfect for a fantasy photo book, posters, or printable hybrid projects.

  • Colors:   pinks & blues
  • Season: all
  • Theme:  Fairies and trippy visions
  • All products are created at 300 ppi for quality printing results
  • All products are licensed for Personal Use [PU] and S4H, S4O
  • Elements (if included) are provided in PNG format: various sizes
  • Papers (if included) are provided in JPG format; 12" x 12"

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