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No Monsters Under My Bed (with everything in it!)

No Monsters Under My Bed (with everything in it!)

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Date Released: 07-27-2010

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Oh pity the poor monsters. Their bedroom flattened for a parking lot. The neighborhood and the children gone. Now the Cupcakesquisher, the Picklesnipper, Duke the Spookylooper, the Red Cheetah-bellied Bookskeezer, the Fuzzy Star-streaker, and the One-eyed Burpscooter are looking absolutely everywhere for a child’s bed to live under. Do you know any children who need monsters? If so  you should probably look here to see if any of these will do:

13 moonlit papers

7 monsterish papers

5 inside papers

1 alpha 14 word arts

5 hanging stars 4 bubble spore flowers

1 fog cloud

2 green leaves

2 monster flower vegetation

2 monster tentacle vegetation

7 mushrooms

1 Passion flower of the alien plains of Monster Planet

4 hanging and free floating planets

1 Space flyer

1 Space flyer smoke trail

4 spore bubbles

2 spore flower sprinkles

1 starlight sprinkles

1 star woosh

1 tree with mushrooms

3 bright wood floating balls

2 books

1 cupcake

1 open door (with/without light streaming through)

1 foot stool

1 kids monster bed (4 positions)

1 ladder

1 ladder piece

1 open book

1 pillow (2 different perspectives)

1 story time chair

1 wardrobe

1 lamplight

2 giant monster shoes (I would love to have a pair)

1 Sailor Sally Snout

1 sign board

1 Star Traveler Tug

1 Star Traveler Tug waves

1 stuffed Teddy Alligator in two poses and colors

6 toys

1 grass hill path

3 variations of grass hill trees

4 variations of big tree

2 grass hills 

1 3- eyed Cupcake Squisher

2 boogie Spookers

2 little birds

1 monster logo from sneaker

1 monster eyeball

1 story book

1 story book held up by monster hands

1 One-eyed Burp Scooter (2 poses)

1 One-yeyed Burp Scooter arm

1 Pickle Snipper

1 Red Cheetah-bellied Bookskeezer

1 Spookball (dust bunni)

1 Fuzzy Star Streaker (good dreams monster in 3 poses)

4 frames

12 frame parts

1 ink jar

1 paper stay

1 picture box

1 star paper fastener

1 wooden dot

All of this has been ferociously stomped, squished, snipped, and plucked for your artistic pleasure.

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