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No Monsters Under My Bed (with everything in it!) by Lorie Davison

No Monsters Under My Bed (with everything in it!) by Lorie Davison

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Date Released: 07-27-2010

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Oh pity the poor monsters. Their bedroom flattened for a parking lot. The neighborhood and the children gone. Now the Cupcakesquisher, the Picklesnipper, Duke the Spookylooper, the Red Cheetah-bellied Bookskeezer, the Fuzzy Star-streaker, and the One-eyed Burpscooter are looking absolutely everywhere for a child’s bed to live under. Do you know any children who need monsters? If so  you should probably look here to see if any of these will do:

13 moonlit papers

7 monsterish papers

5 inside papers

1 alpha 14 word arts

5 hanging stars 4 bubble spore flowers

1 fog cloud

2 green leaves

2 monster flower vegetation

2 monster tentacle vegetation

7 mushrooms

1 Passion flower of the alien plains of Monster Planet

4 hanging and free floating planets

1 Space flyer

1 Space flyer smoke trail

4 spore bubbles

2 spore flower sprinkles

1 starlight sprinkles

1 star woosh

1 tree with mushrooms

3 bright wood floating balls

2 books

1 cupcake

1 open door (with/without light streaming through)

1 foot stool

1 kids monster bed (4 positions)

1 ladder

1 ladder piece

1 open book

1 pillow (2 different perspectives)

1 story time chair

1 wardrobe

1 lamplight

2 giant monster shoes (I would love to have a pair)

1 Sailor Sally Snout

1 sign board

1 Star Traveler Tug

1 Star Traveler Tug waves

1 stuffed Teddy Alligator in two poses and colors

6 toys

1 grass hill path

3 variations of grass hill trees

4 variations of big tree

2 grass hills 

1 3- eyed Cupcake Squisher

2 boogie Spookers

2 little birds

1 monster logo from sneaker

1 monster eyeball

1 story book

1 story book held up by monster hands

1 One-eyed Burp Scooter (2 poses)

1 One-yeyed Burp Scooter arm

1 Pickle Snipper

1 Red Cheetah-bellied Bookskeezer

1 Spookball (dust bunni)

1 Fuzzy Star Streaker (good dreams monster in 3 poses)

4 frames

12 frame parts

1 ink jar

1 paper stay

1 picture box

1 star paper fastener

1 wooden dot

All of this has been ferociously stomped, squished, snipped, and plucked for your artistic pleasure.


About This Product

Designed with digital scrapbookers and storytellers in mind.  Create your own invitations or name tags for an outdoor garden party or afternoon tea.  Perfect for a fantasy photo book, posters, or printable hybrid projects.

  • Colors:   purple, green
  • Season: any
  • Theme: alien worlds & monsters


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  • All products are licensed for Personal Use [PU] and S4H, S4O
  • Elements (if included) are provided in PNG format: various sizes
  • Papers (if included) are provided in JPG format; 12" x 12"

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