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My Blossoms (With Everything In It)

My Blossoms (With Everything In It)

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Date Released: 05-25-2013

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My Blossoms is another shout out to Spring – Yay Spring! Wildflowers (and docile ones) are blooming everywhere, new buds and blossoms poking up while you watch. The air changes its bouquet every day depending on which new blossoms need attention at the moment. I’m wearing Mom’s charm bracelets and playing with watercolors under the just-beginning-to-bloom willow tree. I’ve tried to quietly collect little bits of Springtime’s initial springiness in this kit. Many of these bits I’ve seen flying by or waving daintily from branches or green stalks. (Not the clockwork butterflies which I totally made up.) So, before all that’s left of her is the fragrance of her blossoms drifting through our summer dreams, here’s another celebration of Spring. My Blossoms contains the following artfully helpful accoutrements for you to capture your Springtime memories in your art: 21 papers (plus 7 variations) 1 apple blossoms with birds 2 apple blossoms birds 8 beetles 1 birds nest (3 variations) 1 blossom tree 3 blue tits 1 light butter fly 3 glass orbs 3 charm hanging hooks 1 pocket watch face glass 1 pocket watch holder 1 glass case 1 lock (2 variations) 11 charms (and charms on dangling chains) 1 metal label charm (4 variations with 7 different in scripted words) 1 charm bow 1 chrysalis (with/without bird key) 1 bird key 4 clusters 1 cluster overlay 1 compass face 3 embroidered blossoms 3 flower drawings 3 clockwork butterflies 8 frames 1 grasshopper 1 handmade apple blossoms 5 watercolor overlays (several from my mother) 6 image overlays 5 iron fence pieces 2 moss pine branches 1 molding ledge 1 clock number swirl 1 locket on a danging chain (2 variations) 2 light overlays for images 2 plum blossom branches 1 pussy willow branch 2 painting overlays (my mothers) 4 violets with roots 1 violet grass 1 watercolor apple blossoms 1 watercolor blossoms 3 watercolor blossom overlays 1 wooden pedestal 22 wordarts Charmed, bugged, pruned, and plucked for your artistic pleasure.

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