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Little Mouse Loves To Read

Little Mouse Loves To Read

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Date Released: 12-27-2015

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Little Mouse loves to read. (Well, her given name is Gitsy but she's very little so.... ) Gitsy and everyone else in the world knows the best time to read is anytime during winter, in a cozy spot, (while many of your friends are hibernating.) Gitsy gets her books from the library in the Winterwood which is, coincidentally, the name of a collaboration Peggy (NLD), Laura (Priss), and I created. I'll have my parts of that collab here soon. The story for that kit was based on a true story told to Peggy by a mouse, who's house was near Peggy's front door.
This is a tiny kit with a tiny mouse, four papers with four variations, frame, bunting, two overlays, an open book image and a few other tiny things.

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