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Greymouse Manor Winter Ball (With everything in it!)

Greymouse Manor Winter Ball (With everything in it!)

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Date Released: 02-05-2010

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Not very far away there is a community of mice who hold a grand ball every year in the dead of winter. Guests begin arriving at dusk and are ferried up a mountain road to Greymouse Manor castle on pony-led sleighs. Fine teas are brewed and fine cheeses are served at midnight. Mice dance the night away in the Grand Ballroom and cool off in Great Swan Lake Hall where the walls disappear in the mist and the rough songs of the swans can be heard echoing as if from distant hills. It is a gala night and a wonderful warm memory for the revelers to take home and hold in their hearts while they await the arrival of spring. You are invited to share their story with this kit: Greymouse Manor Winter Ball. Here you will find Anastasia Silvershoe to pull you in your sleigh up to the entrance of Greymouse Manor with its stately columns and ballrooms. There are boats to take you across the lake in the Great Swan Lake Hall, and party masks and a tutu (if you've forgotten to bring your own) so you can blend right in with the revelers. It is all served grandly and plucked from the discriminating annals of mouse party lore for your artistic pleasure!

It includes: 3 versions of the cosy tearoom

4 ballroom versions with and without floors (for you to put in the lake)

2 entrances to Greymouse Manor (nighttime and daytime scenes)

2 stage versions

1 stage swag

1 pair of stage drapes

4 versions of stage stair steps

13 frames

1 gazebo

3 versions of ballroom ceiling fixture

1 ballroom rug 1 ballroom window

1 banner drape to tuck up under things

1 big serving spoon

2 floor candle lights

1 doorway

1 easel

1 frame to put on easel

1 Victrola

1 Victrola wafting note music

2 opera glasses

2 poof (one for lighter and darker papers)

1 entrance lantern

1 railing

1 rug for tearoom

1 Sir Brightnose portrait above mantel

1 swooshy overlay-try different layer filters with it

3 versions of background lake bushes

1 bigger bubbles

1 big light water ripple

1 butterfly

1 cloud

2 versions of distant lake water

1 flying swan

3 versions of a giant dance floor lily pad

1 giant dance floor lily pad water rings

1 lake grass clump

1 lake leaf boat (2 versions)

2 lake trees

2 versions of lilies

3 versions of lily pads

2 versions of swan

6 versions of pond reeds

1 tiny bubbles

1 water plops

2 water sprays

1 weeping willow a

2 versions of weeping willow hill

2 baubles

1 see-through bauble

3 balls

1 blue stars

1 bubbles

4 crystal dangles

12 dangling sparkles

1 dangling sparkles set

6 gems

1 gem cluster

3 gem flowers

4 hanging stars

1 jewel

1 magnifying glass

2 moon and star

3 party balloons

1 party dot border

1 party dots

1 pocket watch

1 see-through pocket watch

1 Anastasia Silvershoe

1 sleigh snow

2 star clouds

2 star clusters

1 star trail

2 versions of swan sleigh

1 bright star creamer

1 bright star sugar bowl

1 bright star teacup (in small and large versions)

1 tiny teaspoon

1 bright star teapot

1 cheese cutter

3 mouse holders

1 peach

1 cheese round

3 cheese wedges

1 chocolate cheese cake

1 cupcake clump

2 dessert tiers

1 fire place fire

1 Gorgenzola green slimy cupcake

1 clump grapes

1 Greymouse Manor

3 lanterns

1 large teaspoon

1 party swiss cake

1 rose bauble topiary

1 scattered baubles

1 settee

1 Squash blue cheese cupcake

1 swiss cake with Parmesan

2 tea chairs

3 versions of the tea table

8 word arts

2 overlays

1 cluster

1 so pretty heart

1 cat masque

1 fiddle 1 fiddle bow

1 mouse in birthday suit

7 invitation words

1 loose music

1 music on floor

1 music stand

5 versions of Bella Brightbean

1 bright star teacup doll

1 cheese icecream masque

1 cheese icecream tutu

1 invitation words collection

1 joker hat

3 masques

5 menu sayings

1 music stand

1 threaded needle

4 versions of Pansy Pinktail

3 versions of Ronald Roundbutton

2 versions of a swan masque

1 thimble 8 thread bobbins

1 tutu icecream

2 mouse cupid faerie wings

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