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Falling Leaves Autumn Tea (everything in it!)

Falling Leaves Autumn Tea (everything in it!)

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Date Released: 12-06-2010

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Falling Leaves, Autumn Tea is a potpourri of olde country autumn themes influenced a bit by memories of cuddling up on the sofa with the winds rattling the front door, a pot of tea steeping close by, and a Jane Austen novel in my lap.

Here are the necessary pieces to help an artist feel comfortable in a thatched cottage in a faraway country parish. You will undoubtedly want to share a pot of tea with Heather and Colin Heathflowers, two very gracious and genteel sheep. Heather is always happy to tell guests that autumn is the time of year when the mind (like the leaves on the trees) sheds the vibrant green glow of youth and growth and turns inward to reflect on the warm golden tones of fruition. The perfect time, she suggests, for a classic Oolong tea who’s complex fragrance and stimulating properties harmonize perfectly with the introspective moods of Autumn. Their frequent guests Lizzy, Darcy, and young Clover always nod as they listen, pretending the concept has never occurred to them before.

Fallling Leaves, Autumn Tea is a little piece of a world that my sister and I loved to pretend we lived in. It's a place in my mind I still love to visit. If you think you might too - here are the appropriate country properties, frames, furniture, tea settings, and (of course) crumpets, a genteel artist like yourself will need.

18 scene papers
6 fruit plate papers
13 texture papers
1 big bowl
1 big stack of plates
1 Custard Crumpet The Rabbit (several poses)
3 falling leaves
1 falling leaves autumn tea smoke (great above tea pot)
1 fork
1 fork to go with plate frame
1 hot tea balloon
1plate frame
1 pok-a-dot pumpkin balloon
1 spoon to go with plate frame
1 Falling Leave tea bag
1 tea bag label
2 tea balls
1 tea caddy
1 tea creamer (sitting on the floor or stool perspective)
5 tea cups ( sitting on the floor or stool perspective)
1 tea cup (table perspective)
1 teacup with autumn leaf tea
1 tea spout steam
1 tea sugar bowl (sitting on the floor or stool perspective)
2 hot tea (and Crumpets) balloon
1 pastry chef’s hat
1 Raspberry Crumpet (a couple poses)
1 teacup blossom
1 basket
1 big basket
1 big stack of plates (table perspective)
1 big teaspoon
2 crumpet holders
3 little pastries
2 peaches
1 pears
1 platter
1 pumpkin cake
1 table teaspoon
6 table top perspective teacup
1 tea cup on a string
1 fruit pie
1 fruit pie with piece taken out of it
1 lemon tart
1 lemon tart with piece taken out of it
1 tray with so many deserts
1 tea table for room
1 wooden pail
2 chairs
2 little stools
1 pumpkin orange umbrella
1 pumpkin party table
1 table top perspective teapot
1 tea service platter
3 banners
1 bow
1 carved wooden filigree
1 little container
2 old labels
1 open book page
1 paper and frame fastener
2 string to hang things by (good for Ragged Linen Alpha)
1 little elderberry bird
3 word arts
2 inside the Heathflower cottage scenes
1 open cabinet
1 trunk for the second room
2 cabinets
2 Heathflower cottage scenes
1 baby pram
1 little boy lamb called Clover
1 cottage fence piece
1 Darcy
1 gateway
3 Lizzy's
1 Presenting Darcy and Lizzy
1 road sign
1 chair
2 Collin Heathflowers
3 Heather Heathflowers
1 Kick Back and Sip Some Tea Chair
5 carved garland pieces
1 bird
2 embroidered fall flowers
1 filigree
8 Filigree overlays
1 floral drawn frame
1 frame piece
1 gold blower button
2 botanical flower illustration flowers
1 painted acorns
5 painted blackberry leaves
1 painted plumes
3 sticks
3 white pumpkins
3 big leaves
11 dried flowers (from my garden late summer)
3 dried flower buds
3 dried wind flowers (from my garden, I look forward to these every summer)
1 dried wind flower leaf
2 wind flower petals
2 elder berries (I make chutney out of these, very good!)
2 red leaves
7 falling leaves
21 frames

All bearing the proper Regent stamp of approval, for being lovingly plucked expressly for your artistic pleasure.

Most elements are with and without shadows.
My TOU is enclosed in each zip file.
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