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Before The First Snow (With Everything In It)

Before The First Snow (With Everything In It)

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Date Released: 12-04-2009

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Where I live the sun is now making just the briefest appearance every day - she arrives late, gives a warm wink, and then disappears. At most there's a bushel full of bright red and yellow leaves on the maple trees still hanging on to the graceful limbs we can finally now admire. The colors are intense and warm. The season is cold. The ravens rule over their kingdoms of the harvested fields. I love this time of year and I've tried to capture a little bit of it in this collection. Here you will find brassy ravens wearing tam 'o shanters and top hats, and kilts that show off their legs. There are fields lit by chilly sunrises, abandoned spider webs, windmills in the mist, ink and perfume bottles, and stone fences that can no longer keep you out. These are images that make my heart ache, in a good way. All trained, tweeked, broke down, gently collected, and plucked for your artistic pleasure!

Here's what else you'll find just Before the First Snow:

25 + papers
14 wordarts
1 first snow overlay
18 frames
2 full page window frames
1 chain
3 clock hands
3 fences
1 hinge border
1 hook
1 lock
1 metal frame
1 ornate hanging wire
4 paper fasteners
31 metal parts
1 tripod
4 twirls
2 big crabapple sprigs
1 cobweb
4 cornstalks
1 crabapple sprig
1 dark crabapple sprig
2 crow trees
1 dried bell flowers
2 fall trees
1 field
4 late shadowed sage
8 leaves
1 long crabapple sprig
1 nature scene overlay
4 snowberries
4 straw flowers
2 tangles + one with cobwebs
1 trees in the distance
2 tree stumps
3 twigs
1 weed clump
1 weed overlay
1 windblown leaves
1 hat measuring tape
1 CVD frame
1 large paper
1 metal dots
1 monacle
1 old ribbon (2 colors)
1 see-through bottle
1 sewing scissors
2 small paper
1 stool
1 string
1 table
1 windswept ink
1 big book platform
2 books
1 bottle
3 chess pieces
2 clothes pins
1 curtain with curtain rod
1 dangling compass
1 dangling open locket
1 dangling scales
1 file border frame
1 floating curtain
5 ink bottles
1 ink holder
1 ink splat
1 ink splatter
1 in-perspective ink blotches
2 keepsake boxes
1 key
1 mail piece in perspective
1 marble drops
2 umbrellas
1 basket
1 birdhouse
1 cart (with and without hay)
1 border
1 corn cider mug
1 corn cider pitcher
1 flying party of crows
1 frame photo box
1 fringe piece
1 hanging basket
1 open container
4 ornaments
1 sign (two messages)
3 variations of Sir Cauw
1 SirPillbox
1 Sir Pillbox looking at something
1 Sir Pillbox's doll
2 stone crows
1 tin car
1 tiny Christmas tree
6 top hats
1 top hat hatbox
2 walking sticks
1 windmill
1 windmill lamp post
1 raven's light (with and without candle lit)

This is by far my largest collection...whew

The Crow Quill Alpha is separate from this kit.

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