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Bearrie & Foxter's, Fishing Shanty and Studio Storybook Collection (With everything in it!)

Bearrie & Foxter's, Fishing Shanty and Studio Storybook Collection (With everything in it!)

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Date Released: 04-19-2014

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When the North Wind’s cool kisses turn into frigid shoves and the lakes groan and crackle under a hard shell, some folks hibernate. Other folks, like the animals who live around Huge Fish Lake, call their friends and head out onto the lake with their ice saws and folding chairs.

All summer Bearrie and Foxter (craftsmammals and artists extraordinaire) work in their studio along the banks of a very popular secret hidden cove. When their penguin friend DS Diver flies in from the North on the frosty breath of Old Mrs. Winter they shove their studio onto Huge Fish Lake where it becomes the comfiest craftiest fishing shanty in all the North Woods.

You, of course, are always welcome. Come in, pull up a chair, drop in a line (if you are so inclined), or just sip hot Bensdorp’s Royal Dutch Cocoa while munching on a dried fish and discussing art with the locals.

If you’ve come this far, and Bearrie & Foxter’s Fishing Shanty and Studio feels like it could be just your kettle of fish, let me show you what all you’ll find when you come through the door:

12 winter scenes (with additional variations)
7 texture papers (with additional variations)
12 wordarts (with additional variations)
10 frames (with 2 variations)
1 airport sock
1 beret
4 versions of Bearrie Bear
4 sign pieces (plus 4 variations)
1 Bearrie and Foxter sign (plus color variation)
1 big fish
5 wooden bobbers
1 box roller
1 bubble overlay
2 buckets
1 line burst
3 character doodles
1 cluster overlay (2 variations)
4 wooden decoy fish
1 Deep Sea Deisel Dragonfish Delight (plus variations)
2 Dinner Fishies box (with variations)
1 dinner fishy
1 dream decoy pulley (2 variations)
1 Bait Bonker Dream Lure (plus 2 variations)
1 Tremble Fish Dream Lure (plus 2 variations)
1 DS Diver (plush 4 variations)
2 scene clusters
2 fishing holes
1 wooden direction sign
1 fishing line ad
1 vintage fishing lure
1 fishing lure sample
1 Big Pink Bomber
1 Big Purple Splash Bomber
1 Rainbow Spotted Wiggle
1 Striped Water Parrot
1 Sunny Bunny Bomb
1 fishing lure store display
3 fishing poles (several variations)
1 float plane (plus 4 variations)
1 fish mobile bunting
1 Foxter Fox (plus 7 variations)
1 frame bubble
1 frame chain
1 ceremonial hocky puck stick
1 hook on chain
2 icefishing stool boxes
1 ice stick
1 lake ice shelf (two colors)
1 lantern
1 lure string
4 message strip fish
1 dream night cloud overlay (don't for get the pink layer)
2 dot overlay details
1 penguin coat (2 versions)
1 pulley tote with dinner fishies box (empty and full)
1 saturated overlay
1 fishing shanty studio (3 variations, plus wood background)
1 chimney smoke piece
1 shanty interior (3 versions)
1 shanty stove
2 snow burms
1 snow cap
1 snow flurry
2 snow swish overlays
2 special fish
1 splash
1 stage frames studio
4 stars (with variations)
1 star cluster
1 moon (plus two variations)
1 star fish mobile piece
11 starfish mobile pulley pieces
1 starfish moon boat (4 versions)
2 striped borders
1 warm overlay
2 wooden borders
1 wooden fish school
1 oxygen bubbles
1 wood round (two versions)
1 artist palette
1 barrel
1 bear chair
2 blank canvas
1 canvas with painted fishi
1 carving shavings
1 can cocoa
2 cocoa mugs
1 cocoa tea pot
1 creel
1 artists' drop cloth (2 versions)
1 easel
4 buckets of paint (several variations)
4 paint brushes
1 paint brush bucket (2 versions)
5 tube paints
1 drawing portfolio
1 shanty wall art
3 unpainted carved fish
1 wall art paper (blank)
4 carving tools
1 workshop bench
1 workshop table

Hooked, lined, sinkered, and smoked, especially for your piscatorially-inclined artistic pleasure.
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