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Baby Bee Garden (With everything in it!)

Baby Bee Garden (With everything in it!)

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Date Released: 04-16-2010

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Ahhhh it’s Spring - the perfect time to go poking your nose under the blossoms to see who’s new. In the Baby Bee Garden you will find baby bees of course, many still in school, learning proper buzzing and etiquette (i.e. never more than three elbows on the honey jar, no teddybee bears on the table, etc.) You might also find cozy little cottages in the most unexpected places and with the oddest little tenants. There’s a colorful world of wondrous little creatures in everybody’s back yards but if you choose to do some looking in the Baby Bee Garden here’s exactly what you can expect to find:

17 papers (plus some recolored)
4 nursery rooms
9 word arts
17 frames
1 window
3 hinges
2 borders
1 frame paper (with & without bow)
2 giant big flower clumps
3 giant leaves
12 daisies in varying colors
2 hollyhocks
3 grassblades
3 giant grass clumps
4 blossom bees
5 bee breezes (try PS Layer filters for different effects)
2 bee flitters (try PS Layer filters for different effects)
1 birdhouse
1 plaid butterfly
1 empty clothes line
1 clothes line hanging with baby bee wash
2 plaid dragonflies
1 I Love You Scooting Snail
1 I Love You Scooting Snail pulling pram
1 Queen bee (3 positions)
1 plaid pram
1 pram and scooting snail going over big leaf
2 vases with & without flowers
1 garden bench
1 teddybee bear
3 honey bees
1 plaid round dots
3 tendrils
1 hive flower cubby
1 hive flower window with & without window box
2 hive flowers with & without windows
1 hive flower instruction for placing room inside flower
1 background garden trees
1 hive flower QP
1 garden fence (3 variations)
2 garden steps
1 grass for putting in front of snail
1 bee baby hat
1 baby button
1 bassinet flower for darker and lighter papers
1 bassinet flower with stem
1 bear
1 bow
1 bowl
1 Buzz Tales book
2 chairs
1 couch
1 couch with canopy
1 cup
1 flower box with & without flowers
1 front door of hive
1 fuzzy soft thing to sit on
1 hanging ball (2 versions)
3 honey drips
1 old blank storybook
1 baby spoon
4 baby toys
1 hive honeypot
3 honey jars (with & without honey)
3 honey pots
1 line drying bootie
1 line drying diaper
1 line drying onesie
1 loft window curtain
1 nursery room QP
1 pillow heart
1 ribbon banner
1 sunshine pillow
1 sunshine rug (2 versions for nursery rooms)
1 table
1 toy plane hanging from ceiling
1 toy shelf
1 bow

All of it honey coated, beeswaxed, garden fresh, and plucked for your artistic pleasure.

Plump Blossom Alpha is not included.
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