Get Real Doodles

Get Real Doodles

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Date Released: 02-18-2007

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Freestyle made EASY!

These crazy, fun doodles look so real because they are real doodles! Doodled on my beloved Wacom - not drawn and scanned and/or illustrator'd (is that a word?)!

This set was originally created for the wonderful and fabulous and super talented miss Susan Toon who asked me for some "real doodles" to use on a layout. Well, she used them, I used them, and now, more and more people are asking me for them... so here they are with a few new ones thrown in cuz I felt like doodling.

You get 39 total items:
  • 32 FreeStylin' Real Doodles - Random
  • 2 Paperclips (1 whole, 1 clipped)
  • 2 Staples
  • 3 different pieces of notepaper (1 - 12x12, 1 - 8 1/2 x 11 spiral paper, 1 - layered and stapled corner piece)
Please note the 8 1/2 x 11 spiral paper makes for one HUGE .png transparent image. I've included it as a separate download so you can decide ahead of time if you want a 10 MB paper LOL - it's fun though. Your choice.

The rest of the files are included in 1 zip file which is 7 MB.
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