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Decorate Your Home 4 Cacti

Decorate Your Home 4 Cacti

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Date Released: 07-30-2017

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Included in this pack is a set of 3 gorgeous antique cactus illustrations from a vintage botanical book. Each illustration comes in three different sizes. The 4x6 in will also fit in a 10x15 cm frame. These vintage cactus illustrations will look fabulous as wall art in your living room, or anywhere you like it.
Frame the set, or print and frame just one if you don't have the room.  Or, print, buy 3 beautiful frames and make this a surprise gift for someone dear!
You will receive:
- 3 JPG files 8.5x11 in
- 3 JPG files A4
- 3 JPG files 4x6 in
- 1 PDF file 8.5x11 in (3 pages)
- 1 PDF file A4 (3 pages)
- 1 PDF file 4x6 in (3 pages)

The frame displaying the prints is not included in this pack. Drop shadows in the preview are for display purposes only. My designs are for personal use, unless otherwise specified.
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