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COLLAB: KTSL Lightroom Template Bundle

COLLAB: KTSL Lightroom Template Bundle

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Date Released: 11-20-2017

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I teamed up with Katie the Scrapbook Lady to convert two of her most popular template sets to Lightroom format. Scrapping with Lightroom is easy, fun and oh, so, fast!

Customer Testimonial


"Just wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed using your new lightroom pocket collage templates! In 3 days, I've scrapped 20 pages!! It's amazing and I love them. Thank you so much for developing them!"

Template scrapping has never been easier! Your photos are already in Lightroom. Install these grid-style templates and in a few minutes, you can drag and drop your photos, papers and journal cards into pre-designed collages. Export them to Photoshop and add one of my pre-made shadow and text overlays. Then dress up the pages with your favorite elements and your pocket page is ready to go!

This set uses Katie the Scrapbook Lady's Snappy and Segmented template layouts.

10 12x12 Lightroom Template Collage Presets
10 Double Page Lightroom Template Collage Presets (2 versions: export a single 24x12 or two 12x12s)
17 Shadow/Text Box Overlays  (TIF/PSD formats)
Zero Fill Layer Styles
1 PDF Tutorial
1 FAQ Video Tutorial (m4v format)
1 Lightroom How To Video Tutorial (m4v format)

Requires Lightroom 3+ and PSCS or PSE.

To learn more about Lightroom Collage templates, listen to Episode 61 of The Daily Digi Digest.

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Do I have to have Lightroom to use these templates?
To create the Lightroom collages using the Lightroom print presets, you will have to have Lightroom.

I'm unable to drag and drop my images from the photo bin onto the template.
Make sure you don't have any special drivers installed that is incompatible with Lightroom. Some Wacom drivers may cause interference. Try disabling the drivers and try again.
My template shows square in the preview, but when I click to load it, it defaults to 8.5x11.
First, see if your version of Lightroom has a "CUSTOM FILE DIMENSIONS" check box. This would be in the PRINT MODULE under the PRINT JOB tab. Check the box and enter your page size. If your version of LR does not have that option, check to see if you can add a custom print size to your print options. The video tutorial demonstrates this. If you are unable to add the custom size to your defaults, you may need to install the drivers for a printer that supports the 12x12 size. The Epson drivers for the 1400 wide format printer has been known to add the 12x12 ability.

How do I crop a photo?
You have to crop your photo in the DEVELOP module first, before moving over to the print module to drag and drop into the template. So, go through your pix first, and be sure you've prepped them. Then, pop into the PRINT module to create your collage.

How do I change the placement of my photo in the box?
Hold in the OPT or ALT key to adjust the placement of your photo within the template box.

How can I save the collage with a transparent background?
Instead of choosing SAVE AS JPG as the "print method," choose to print the file instead. Then select ADOBE PDF as the printer. On a Mac, you can click PDF>Save As PDF on the bottom left of the print dialogue. This will save a PDF to your computer that you can then open in Photoshop and edit directly. This method allows you to apply a drop shadow to your collage directly, without needing the drop shadow overlay.

I don't want to add my background paper in LR. How can I add it in Photoshop CS?
Pull your collage into the overlay template. Then change the FILL OPACITY on the drop shadow layer to 100%. Move it behind the collage layer and then clip the collage to the drop shadow layer. Now you can add a background paper behind it.

How can I change my zero fill overlays in PSE?
Be sure to download and install the NEW free styles provided in your download. If you are missing the styles, email me and I'll send them to you. The styles come with a CLEAR STYLES button to remove the zero fill from your drop shadow overlay layer. Next add a drop shadow back to the layer using one of the styles included, another style in your stash, or manually. Then follow the instructions above to clip your collage to the overlay.

Check out the Embellisher actions designed to dress up your Lightroom collage layouts.

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