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ArtsyFlowers No. 1

ArtsyFlowers No. 1

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Date Released: 10-12-2017

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A collection of 4 X ArtsyFlower designs by students of the ArtsyFlowers workshop by Anna Aspnes Designs: Jeanne Draachreider, Linda Davis, Sonya Fuller and Maggie Tyler. Each ArtsyFlower is delivered in .png and layered .psd format and designed for PERSONAL USE ONLY.

100% proceeds will be donated to the Let's Talk Non-Profit Charity Group.

See this 8 Ways To Use ArtsyFlowers blog post which provides guidance and inspiration for using these elements in your digital scrapbooking and artistry.

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Read the story...

A few weeks ago I received an intriguing request from an ArtsyFlowers admirer who requested the opportunity to purchase some of the flowers created by students in the course.

I have a few interested in this proposition and we decided it would be a wonderful opportunity to donate 100% of the proceeds to charity.

I will continue to add new collections as and when they become available.

Last Friday, Ella and I attended a meeting this Let's Talk Non-Profit Charity Group, with the intention of volunteering in an upcoming theater production ‘The Snow Queen’: I will be donating my skills in the art department, and Ella hopes to assist and act alongside these severely challenged kids who are only able to communicate through special devices.

The Let’s Talk group promotes ‘Communication for All’ and are passionate about helping other non-verbal people communicate with the world. Their first project is to help those caught in ‘State of Emergency’ situations.

Elizabeth (first photo) is a year younger than Ella and has Mitochondrial Disease. Her cells cannot convert food into energy in order to fuel her body. She is the daughter of a friend of mine. You can see her cooking show with friend and speech pathologist, Lori.

I met Lauren on Friday (third photo) and she was only able to tell me her name through her device. I cannot tell you how powerful this was.

We take for granted the simple act of being able to communicate and tell our stories.

Imagine what it would be like if you or I couldn’t?

We have the profound ability to tell our stories through art, photos and words. The non-verbal community tell theirs through these amazing devices.

It’s perfect and timely.

Learn more about this amazing group and I thank you in advance for supporting this very worthy cause.

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