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Alessio {Bundle}

Alessio {Bundle}

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Date Released: 08-07-2016

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Alessio {Artsy Bits & Pieces}

is a boyish-styled element pack with catchy greens, blues and a lovely mint color. 

This Set includes: 

  • 1 Star Element
  • 1 doodled Arrow 
  • 5 Artsy Bits
  • 1 green bow
  • 1 mint button
  • 1 crease
  • 1 green diamond
  • 1 felt flower
  • 1 paper flower
  • 1 textile flower
  • 1 foliage
  • 1 diamond heart
  • 1 jeans pocket
  • 1 ornate frame
  • 2 paints
  • 1 piece of wood
  • 1 staple + shadow version
  • 2 watercolored stars + shadow versions
  • 2 stitches
  • 1 tape
  • 1 torn mask
  • 1 watercolor splash

Alessio {artOVERLAYS + Stars}

pre-designed artOverlays and artsy bits and some watercolored stars with realistic shadows

This Set includes: 

  • 5 artOverlays
  • 6 watercolored Stars with realistic shadow
  • 3 metal stars with shadow
  • 1 plastic star with shadow
  • 2 cut-out stars

Alessio {Loopilaloozas}

a fun wet with different doodled strokes and loops

This Set includes: 

  • 9 different Loopilaloozas


Alessio {Magic Lights}

add the magic lights over your images papers and use different blend modes, also you can use them to mask your images or papers

This Set includes: 

  • 16 different Magic Lights

Alessio {Star-brushes}

do you love to give your photo-pages an individual look with photoshop or photoshop elements? Those dynamic brushes are simple to use. Check out the following Videotutorial to learn more about how to use dynamic brushes. If you like to start immediately I added you 11 pre-designed scattered star elements. 

This Set includes: 

  • 1 abr file with 49 star brushes and 19 dynamic brushes together, for PSD + PSE
  • 1 abr file with only the 19 dynamic brushes, for PSD + PSE
  • 1 abr file with only 49 star brushes, for PSD + PSE

Alessio {Pagedividers}

use those page dividers to blend an image with a paper or 2 different paper with each other, the size of them is always 12“ width or height

This Set includes:

  • 6 different page dividers, 12“, png, black

Alessio {Solid + Exposure Papers}

this set includes solid paper and from each solid paper a exposure version.

This Set includes:

  • 8 different Papers, 12x12“, jpg

Alessio {Pattern Papers}

super cute pattern papers, grunge up with flowers, stars, shapes, dots, stripes, arrows and chevron…

This Set includes:

  • 9 different Papers, 12x12, jpg

Alessio {Scriptpieces}

some vintage pieces of white paper with grunged up scripts. 

This Set includes: 

  • 5 pieces with scripts, png
  • 1 abr file with 5 different brushes, for PSD + PSE

Alessio {Simple Storybook Templates}

if you are a minimalistic lover then those templates should be in your stash, if you are a old fashion template lover, then those templates are also great for you, they give you the space to pimp your layout up but have a coordinating design from scratch. 

This Set includes:

  • 4 layered psd + tiff templates, 12x12“

Alessio {Urbanmasks}

urban masks created out of old wood and paint. clip your images or papers over them and create a great blending on your photo-page.

This Set includes: 

  • 7 different Urbanmasks, png
  • 1 abr file with 7 different brushes for PSD + PSE

Alessio {Word Arts No1}

in this word art set you find any kind of word arts for special need children. 

This Set includes: 

  • 12 different Word Arts, black
  • 5 different flairs
  • 1 Stripe Word Art

Alessio {Word Arts No1}

in this word art set you find any kind of word arts for special need children. 

This Set includes: 

  • 12 different Word Arts, black
  • 5 different flairs
  • 1 Stripe Word Art

Alessio {Word Arts No2}

in this word art set you find any kind of word arts for special need children, like ADHD, Autism, Down Syndrome, Dyslexia, Learning Difference, Mood Disorder.

This Set includes:

  • 7 different dymo styled Word Arts
  • 2 flairs
  • 11 Quotes for Special Need Children

Alessio {Photo-Cards}

my new addiction to create little memory books are my photo-cards. I print them on my Canon Selphy and add them to a little binder. The layered templates fit perfectly on the printing papers for the Canon Selphy printer. Photo-Cards are minimalistic, easy to use and perfect for page pocket journaling. 

Perfectly to use with those Recycled Binder it seems that they are only available at the US Market. I found some semi-transparent binders at eBay it seems that they are available in Europe

This Set includes: 

  • 8 layered 3x4“ psd + tiff files
  • 2 layered 6x4“ psd + tiff files


About the Alessio Collection… I am since 4 years a aunt of Alessio. My little sister gave birth to him February 1th. We realized within the first weeks that something is not how it should be. He not grabbed to a finger or could not suck which lead us more and more to the point that something is not ok with the little man. He cried so much, he could not have bright lights. He screamed when we wanted go out with him because he not could have the shaking of his pram. In June a day before my birthday my sister checked in the evening if he sleeps fine, he was blue and almost gone to heaven. His Dad could save his life with reanimation. We where all in a shock. My sister got all the years now infos about him that he’s eyes are not that good, so he got glasses and we realized more and more that the boy is a special child with special needs. He gets each week special physiotherapy. He could long time not sit alone or crawl. Since he is in kindergarten a lot changed and he turned into a happy boy, he can show us happiness and enjoys to have fun. In the first 2,5 years of his life we not could touch him or hug him, give him kisses. he cried so much. That changed now totally also he started now to grab after things. Even he is not so far till now to sit without any help or stand, he grew up and makes us happy each time we see he makes a step further. 

This Collection is dedicated to all kids with special needs. I know there are a lot of scrapping Mamas out there with special need children and they sure like to scrap their childrens life, even it is special. I hope I could create for all those children something special, because also those childrens memories needs to preserve. 

All income of this collection will I take to buy my nephew a Firefly Go to Seat 2.


Personal Use and S4O (Scrap for Family and Friends)

This Set coordinates with all my other Alessio Products

All Packs are available as individual packs or as a money saving bundle. 


Please read my full terms of use and enlarge the preview for detailed images. All files are created at 300 dpi. Papers are 12x12 jpg. Elements are stored in individual files in png format. Please Note that it is possible that, for example layout elements can "Word Art" and/or use templates that are not included with this product also that previews can contain photos they are also not included in this product. 

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