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52 Inspirations 2016 - no 48 bonus
52 Inspirations 2016 no 48 Bonus Holidays

52 Inspirations 2016 - no 48 bonus

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Date Released: 12-01-2016

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52 Inspirations :: 2016 { no 48 - bonus }

 by Vicki Stegall

This item is Pack #48 Bonus of the Subscription 52 INSPIRATIONS :: 2016

You CAN order this item without a subscription!


This add-on bonus to 52 Inspirations no 48 is all about attempting to honor our cultural diversity.  I admit that I have an inclination to only make Christmas kits because that's my upbringing and the holiday I know and love. This is my attempt to bring something for "almost" everyone to this year's 52.  

Please do let me know if I've gotten it completely wrong or if you'd like to see something else or more.  I'm happy to learn and grow, so just let me know at "vicki [at] oscraps [dot] com" or use the shop's contact us form.

This item includes:

  • 7 Wordart
  • 4 elements



This mini-kit is one of the downloads for the SUBSCRIPTION 52 Inspirations :: 2016
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Subscription rates apply only toward subscribers of the 2016 Series.

Do not purchase this product if you are planning to join 52 Inspirations :: 2016 or if you are currently a subscriber of 2016.

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