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Date Released: 07-08-2020

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Lynne Anzelc Designs TOU UPDATED: Dec 17, 2020
 This update SUPERCEDES ALL PREVIOUS TOU for Lynne Anzelc Designs.  Copyright ©2019 by Lynne Anzelc. All Rights Reserved

Thank you for your interest in my products! Please read the following, and do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. These Terms of Use are included to protect the interest of both customers and Lynne Anzelc Designs.

Lynne Anzelc Designs retains and reserves the right to modify, update, and change the Terms of Use for all digital designs, images, and kits at any time with or without notice. It is the customer's/user's responsibility to check that they are using the most current Terms of Use.

All copyrights to elements, graphics, and kits sold on the world-wide web by me are retained by Lynne Anzelc with some rights reserved. The following is a legal agreement between you and Lynne Anzelc Designs. By downloading any digital files created by Lynne Anzelc Designs, you agree to be bound to those Terms of Use.

UNAUTHORIZED USE:   It is illegal to reproduce or distribute copyright material without the permission of the copyright owner. All materials designed by Lynne Anzelc, including but not limited to images and text, are protected by copyright under U.S. copyright law, international conventions, and other copyright laws. You cannot use the content of your purchase from Lynne Anzelc Designs except as specified herein.

You agree to follow all instructions within these terms and are limited in the way you may use the content of your purchase from Lynne Anzelc Designs. Lynne grants you a single-user, non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use the images in the digital products that you purchase in the following ways:


You may use these images in your personal one-of-a-kind artworks or scrapbooking.

You may use these images in original artworks for sale as long as they are produced by you and sold by you on a small home-based business scale.This does not apply to Digital Designers, ttese images may not be used to create your own elements or papers in kits for sale, even if manipulated. Please continue to read the Terms to learn how you may NOT use these images in artworks for sale.

You may use these images in your limited edition digital artwork for sale as long as no more than 20 copies are sold. 

You may use these images in "scrap for hire" projects you personally complete on a small home-based business scale. Scrap4Hire means you create a scrapbook page for someone else for a small compensation.

You may give your art as gifts as long as they receive a flattened piece of digital art, printed art or physical piece of art. You may not share the images as is. The same applies for scrapbook pages.

You may use these images in work on your personal blog or website but they may not be used in resolution greater than 1000 x 1000 pixels @ 72 dpi. You may not use the images for commercial web design - this includes selling banners, templates, etc.

You may use these images in artwork you create for publication in art and craft based magazines such as the Stampington publications (like Somerset Apprentice, Art Journaling by Somerset, Cloth Paper Scissors, etc.) as long as proper credits is given to Lynne Anzelc Designs at Oscraps.com.

 If you are interested in using the images for commission or illustration work, you MUST contact me for more information and permission. Lynne.anzelc@gmail.com


You may NOT sell, share, loan, or give away to anyone these images in digital or printed form "as they are" or by themselves even if altered. They must be part of a completed artwork or scrapbook page layout. They must be flattened in an un-editable version or printed out in hard copy. THE IMAGES ARE FOR YOUR USE ONLY.

You may NOT make these images available to a 3rd party for their use. They are for your use only.

You may NOT use them in any artwork, stationery, catalog, collage sheet, CD, DVD, digital kit or download intended for a 3rd party to use in derivative works in any way. They may not be used in commercial work.

You may NOT share or sell these images with friends, family, or internet groups of any kind.

You may NOT use these images in artworks or anything else that may be mass produced. You may only use these images in original artworks that you yourself distribute - see how you may use above.

You may NOT use these images in work sold through any publisher/distributor (such as Café Press, Zazzle) over a production limited of 20.

You may NOT display any art in any digital format for any digital use at a resolution greater than 1000 x 1000 pixels @ 72 dpi.

You may NOT claim these images as your own or give the impression, without proper credit given, that they were created by anyone other than Lynne Anzelc Designs.

You may NOT use the images to create any defamatory, immoral, or obscene works, nor may you use them for any purpose that is illegal.

Lynne Anzelc Designs shall not be held liable for any damages resulting from the use of the images from this purchase.

All copyrights to elements, graphics, and kits within this site are retained by the original creator of the layout/kit/CD. All graphic images are copyrighted Lynne Anzelc with some  rights reserved.   Creative Commons copyright applies on some of the Public Domain images. Graphic images are for use as described above.

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