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DELIGHTFUL {Bundle Up! Storybook-Templates}

DELIGHTFUL {Bundle Up! Storybook-Templates}

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Date Released: 05-14-2018

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Immerse yourself in this aptly named collection, titled Delightful. You'll love the Impasto papers with their suffusion of purple, blue, yellow and pink, set off by neutral tones. And there are some gorgeous subtle textures on the solid papers. Also included are some beautiful Fusion papers with light and fanciful flourishes.  You have a choice of Layered Torn Pieces or Layered OOTB Frames for your photos. And for decoration, there are 2 sets of Artsy Bits & Pieces, Sprinkles, and Embellished Loopilaloozas. Template lovers will be thrilled with the wide variety of templates, and for brush lovers there are some pretty Vintage stamps featuring butterflies and ephemera. Top everything off with some great Word Art.


DELIGHTFUL {Artsy Bits & Pieces No.1}

Full with textures, overlay, transfers and artsy bits, 

This Set includes: 

  • 30 Artsy Bits and Pieces, png


DELIGHTFUL {Artsy Bits & Pieces No.2}

This Set includes: 

  • scattered Bubbles
  • 4 Butterflies with shadow version
  • 1 dragonfly with shadow version
  • 10 flowers with shadow version
  • 2 Frames
  • 4 leaves+twigs with shadow version
  • 2 ribbons with shadow version
  • seedbeads
  • stitching
  • string with shadow version
  • 2 washi tapes


DELIGHTFUL {Layered Loopilaloozas}

embellished Loops, layered and ready to play along with it

  • 9 layered Loopilaloozas, psd
  • 9 Loopilaloozas, png


DELIGHTFUL {Magiclights}

You can use them as masks to clip pictures or  give light to the layout using them with different blend modes.

20 different magic lights, png


DELIGHTFUL {Out Of the Box Frames}

This Set includes: 

  • 4 different layered Frames


DELIGHTFUL {Photomask – Brushes and Stamps}

This Set includes: 

  • 8 different masks, png
  • 1 abr file with all masks for all PSE and PS Versions


DELIGHTFUL {Sprinkles}

beads, pearls, flowers, swirls and gems I have use to create this sprinkles

This Set includes: 

  • 32 different sprinkles, png


  • DELIGHTFUL {Paperset: Fusion}

This Set includes: 

  • 5 neutral Papers, 12x12“, jpg
  • 5 Papers with soft Watercolor details, 12x12“, jpg
  • 5 Papers with Watercolor details and embellishments, 12x12“, jpg


DELIGHTFUL {Torn Frame Pieces}

layered torn frames with realistic shadow

This Set includes: 

  • 9 layered torn frames, psd
  • 9 torn frames, png


DELIGHTFUL {Paperset: Paint}

This Set includes: 

  • 6 impasto papers, 12x12“, jpg 


DELIGHTFUL {Paperset: Pattern}

This Set includes: 

  • 16 papers, 12x12“, jpg


  • DELIGHTFUL {Paperset: Solids}

bright rainbow solid papers coordinate perfect with the whole collection

This Set includes: 

  • 12 papers, 12x12“, jpg



Wild Mix of different Word arts

This Set includes: 

  • 47 word arts, png
  • 1 abr file with all word arts as brushes for PSE and PS



artJourney-ProjectLife 2018

Are you looking for a Project Life group? Do you love creating memories?  Are you a fan of NBK-Design?  We now have an NBK-Design artJourney 2018 Facebook group, which can be the perfect outlet for you. This group will help in your Project Life endeavors this year. We will have a new theme to focus on, every week, that can inspire your creativity. You can follow our themes or you can chose to pick your own themes. Sometimes, our lives seem a little uninspired and we need that little bit of extra inspiration to get us creating again. If you would like to join in our fun artJourney 2018 group please follow the link below.  All active members, who follow our monthly rules, will be gifted with an added bonus at the end of each month.

Who’s ready to make 2018 a year chocked full of memories, art and fun?  Join us her artJourney Project 2018



Massive Set with tags perfect for your artJourney ProjectLife 2018

This Set includes: 

  • different tags in English (also available in German and French)
  • 38 designs
    • Numbers 1 – 31
    • Year 2018
    • monday - sunday
    • month May


DELIGHTFUL {Tag it! - French}

Enorme assortiment avec des étiquettes parfait pour votre artJourney ProjectLife 2018

Ce set contient : 

  • étiquettes différentes en français (disponibles également en allemand et anglais) . 
  • 38 designs 
    • Nombres 1-31 
    • Année 2018 
    • Lundi - dimanche 
    • Mois Mars


DELIGHTFUL {Tag it! - German}

Großes Set mit tags für dein artJourney ProjectLife 2018

Das Set beinhaltet: 

  • unterschiedliche Tags in Deutsch (auch in Englisch und Französisch erhältlich)
  • 38 Designs
    • Nummern 1 – 31
    • Jahr 2018
    • Montag – Sonntag
    • Monat März


DELIGHTFUL {Storybook-Templates May 2018}

Storybook Templates are a pack of layered and pre-designed templates in a minimalistic look, the colors coordinate with the monthly artJourney Project 2018. With Storybook Templates you will be able to document a whole month and turn into a 12 pages album. They are simple to use and in no time you will have a complete book made with your memories for that month. You can print the pages on your home printer or create a 12 page Album in services like Shutterfly or Blurb or save the pages to do a big album of 2018 memories.

This Set includes:

  • 5 -  17x11“, Double Pages, layered psd Files 
  • 2 -  8,5x11“, Title/Back cover, layered psd Files 
  • Important note: to reduce the size of the downloadable files, all layers are turned off and just a blank white layer is active, you need first turn on all the layers (click on the layer icon with the eye) and then delete the blank layer at the top.
  • if you need a tiff file, you can contact me with your order number and I will gladly send it to you within 48 hours. 
  • Photos in the previews are not included in this product


DELIGHTFUL {Storyboard Templates 8x11“}

The storyboard templates for the artJourney Project 2018 will help you create your memories fast and clean. Create a scrapbook layout with several photos, show a special event, inspiring moment: a special day or regular day. Create your own unique collage. 

This Set includes:

  • 4 full named and layered, 8x11“ psd files
  • if you need a tiff file, you can contact me with your order number and I will gladly send it to you within 48 hours.
  • Photos in the previews are not included in this product



is special technical box with different tools specially created for digital art sessions. If you love to paint without mess, then this is what you need. The NBK-Design Painters-Toolbox is always filled with Photoshop/Photoshop-Element Styles (.asl), Brushtools .abr files for Photoshop and Photoshop-Elements. Painters-Toolbox products can be used for your traditional digital scrap pages or for art therapy for only painting, doodling and drawing.

Enjoy and learn more about all the NBK-Design Tools with a huge stash of tutorial videos. You can find them here.  Join my Artology group to never miss any new education videos, how to use my products, show your created artwork and get help on any NBK-Design. 


DELIGHTFUL {Painters-Toolbox: Colors}

This Set includes:

  • 1 .asl file with color styles 
  • 1 .asl file with gradient overlay styles (use them on photos or any other element to recolor them)
  • 1 .asl file with color overlay styles (use them on photos or any other element to recolor them)
  • 1 .aco file with color swatches


DELIGHTFUL {Painters-Toolbox: Brushtools}

a breathtaking set of brushes, with a lot of different textures, perfectly for painting, creating blending masks and create gesso overlays

This Set includes:

  • 1 abr file with 9 different dynamic blending brushtools
  • 1 abr file with 9 different dynamic gesso painting brushes
  • 1 abr file with 9 different dynamic brushes to paint your own blending masks
  • 1 abr file with 9 different dynamic colored brushes


DELIGHTFUL {Painters-Toolbox: Vintage – Brushes and Stamps}

This Set includes:

  • 1 abr file with all files for all PSE and PS Versions
  • 22 files, black, png 


DELIGHTFUL {Painters-Toolbox: Styles Neutral}

A set with different grey textures, like concrete, cracked paint, dried paint and more.

This Set includes: 

  • 1 .asl file with 9 grey neutral texture styles for all PS and PSE Versions


DELIGHTFUL {Painters-Toolbox: Styles Real Paint}

This Set includes: 

  • 1 .asl file with 9 real paint styles for all PS and PSE Versions


DELIGHTFUL {Painters-Toolbox: Styles Watercolor}

This Set includes: 

  • 1 .asl file with 9 different watercolor styles for all PS and PSE Versions


Personal Use and S4O (Scrap for Family and Friends)

This Set coordinated with all my other DELIGHTFUL Products

All Packs are available as individual packs or as a money saving bundle. 

Please read my full terms of use and enlarge the preview for detailed images. All files are created at 300 dpi. Papers are 12x12 jpg. Elements are stored in individual files in png format. Please Note that it is possible that, for example layout elements can "Word Art" and/or use templates that are not included with this product also that previews can contain photos they are also not included in this product.


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