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52 Inspirations 2020 No 21 by Lorie Davison
by Twin Mom Flor

52 Inspirations 2020 No 21 by Lorie Davison

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Date Released: 05-17-2020

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52 Inspirations :: 2020 { no 21 }

Our Place

Mini Kit

by Lorie Davison


This is Our Place, a tiny kit that came together from watching our resident deer create their homes in thicketed nooks & crannies down along the river below our house. These are the places they fall in love, raise families, and sneak out from at night to eat my flowers. The birds build their cozy homes all over the place in hidden crooks and overhangs that you rarely find until leaves fall away with the approach of winter. I’m guessing these places are as beloved to them as our homes are to us. Most of this kit I originally created for a house warming gift for my sister, to celebrate her cozy new home.

Here's what in Our Place:

3 backgrounds (plus 3 variations)

1 frame

1 trim

2 bluebirds

2 deer 

2 flower bouquet corners psd format

8 flowers

4 wordarts


Pleasurably plucked and painted from my place to yours for your artistic pleasure.  



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